Pine Mouldings

New England Millwork carries an extensive selection of primed, fir, and pine mouldings and trims in the following styles. Click here to view a PDF of our moulding chart.

  • Casings *
  • Bed *
  • Staff Bead *
  • Base *
  • Cove
  • Cornice
  • Finger Joint
  • Stool Cap
  • Stops
  • Band
  • Lattice
  • Panel
  • Scotia
  • Corner
  • Gov. Francis
  • Chair Rail
  • Baluster Stock
  • Closet Pole
  • Clear Strip
  • Quarter Round
  • Half Round
  • Screen
  • Rail
  • Pine Nose
  • Parting Bead

* FJP moulding

White River Hardwoods

We offer over 2,250 Embellished Hardwood Mouldings and Handcarved Woodcarvings available for prompt shipment in various wood species and sizes. This includes eight product lines of interior millwork mouldings, plus large and petit architectural woodcarvings for Cabinetry and Furniture. In addition, we specialize in curved work.

  • Crowns/Dentils
  • Friezes
  • Cases/Backbands
  • Chairrails
  • Baseboards
  • Panel Moulds/Shoes
  • Millwork Accessories
  • Dimensional Stock
  • Mantels
  • Corbel
  • Capitals/Plynths/Finials
  • Onlays/Rosettes
  • Cabinet Parts
  • Range Hoods
  • LCD Combinations
  • Elegant Additions



When traditional wood moulding products and trim will not meet your needs, ResinArt products is shaped and finished like wood. This flexible moulding and trim is perfect for discerning designs featuring a seamless construction without lamination defects.

  • Half Round Windows
  • Elliptical Windows
  • Bowed Windows
  • Arches and Arcs
  • Round Columns
  • Trim Ceiling Domes
  • Radius Drywall Corners
  • Curved Stairwells

Fypon Moulded Millwork

If you are looking for high-density urethane trim that resists rot, mildew, insects, warping and splintering, look no further. Made of high density materials, Fypon pieces have a closed cell structure that prevents water penetration and absorption. Each piece has a consistent quality and finish, which requires no additional priming or sealing. In fact, each piece is coated at our manufacturing location with a double-primed exterior grade ultraviolet stable coating. Once products are installed, they can be painted, stained and faux finished.

The products can be used on both interior and exterior projects, are virtually maintenance free and are lighter in weight than wood or plaster. We ship our standard and special-fabricated millwork pieces within five working days. And if needed we can create custom designed pieces for your project, as well.


Ultimate Flex by UltraFlex is the easy-to-use lightest weight moulding material that delivers the ultimate in strength and flexibility, great for interior or exterior applications. It acts just like wood, machines like wood and has a case-hard surface that can take a beating better than wood. It is one-half the weight of other flexible mouldings, yet retains the necessary strength and durability with ease of use. All moulding is pre-primed and back-sanded for better adhesion.

Guaranteed against breaking, cracking and splitting, Ultimate Flex is perfect for curved walls, crown, custom-shaped arches, arch jamb, jamb extenders and provides outstanding performance in hot or cold climates.